Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving card challenge!

Hello Everybody! This is the first thanksgiving card I have ever made. It was pretty fun to do. I tried putting a lot of things on it like wires, gears, and other metal parts.

I took a piece of orange card stock and dabbed a brown distress stain all over it. I used a piece of burlap that was leftover from a previous project that was also dabbed with various distress stain colors and on top of them are little pictures from a Tim Holtz seasonal paper book. "Family Time" was also from that same book. The center is made of a brown piece of card stock in the back held down by brads that look like screws!! The center picture is also from the same Tim Holtz seasonal book and I cut it with jagged looking scissors to made it looked like it was ripped out of a page. I hope you liked it! EXCELSIOR!!!!!